Vicky Blume's life as an artist and arts worker is unfolding in a series of expansions and contractions.
Blume was born in 1997 in Princeton Junction, New Jersey. Her birth was a period of expansion for her family, who had just immigrated from Germany in search of work and social supports for her brother, Max. She credits Max (who has Down Syndrome) with teaching her how to communicate clearly in her art, work, and writing.

After moving to the city in 2015 to study psychology and art at Yale, Blume lit up community engagement for several New Haven arts anchors, including a community arts school and a contemporary arts incubator. During the pandemic, she completed an apprenticeship at an interdisciplinary design studio that provides installation and fabrication services to artists across the tristate area. Most recently, she served as Creative-in-Residence at the New Haven Free Public Library's Tinker Lab.

Now, Blume is on a new adventure, writing articles that provide business and wellness tools for artists. Her employer, Fractured Atlas, is the largest arts service organization in the country, reaching a network of over 250,000 artists. Her readers keep her grounded, and inspire her to keep making and writing dope shit.